Open Friday, September 7th to Friday, September 14th.  

Please note that all presale orders will take a minimum of 2-3 months to process.  By participating and purchasing during the presale, you are agreeing to the presale terms oultined as follows:  

1. I understand that being a presale, these items will not ship for 2-3 months.  This could be up to December 10th at the absolute latest.  I agree to this waiting period.
2. I understand that being a presale, there are NO cancellations on this order
3. I understand that being a presale, presale orders will not be combined with any other orders. 
4. I understand that any messages in regard to shipment of the product prior to November 30th will not be answered. 
5. I understand that my order will be shipped to the address on file during checkout and will not be changed UNLESS I am moving in the next 1-3 months.  I will email as soon as my new address is available to have my order address updated.   I acknowledge that if this is not done, my order will ship to the address on file and no refunds will be issued. (emails via any other channel or email will not be considered)  

Thank you!