Updates - May 24th, 2019

Hi All!!

May box enrollment is LIVE!!!  You can view more sneaks on my instagram stories @simplygildedbox -- Enrollment will close on the 28th.  

The Jeshypark release has been postponed to Friday the 31st so we can focus on and prioritize Preorders and subscription boxes.  We will still be doing the giveaways leading up to the release.  I will keep you posted here and via email on the latest.  

May Mini Release orders - A duplicate batch that was sent in error has caused a shortage that is affecting a small percentage of outbound orders.  Emails have been sent to recipients of these duplicate orders in the isolated batch.  If you have received this email, kindly return the duplicate order once it arrives by marking "return to sender" on the package and dropping it back in the mail at your earliest convenience.  Orders affected by the shortage will be notified by email tonight with a special coupon and a few options.  We are very sorry for the unanticipated issue and hope to resolve things as quickly as possible.  ♥

DOUBLE DIP for the February and March box is currently open.  An email containing a special link to the Double Dip has been sent to subscribers to access the Double Dip!  

February/March PRESALE update - ♥  Presale orders are being processed.  We have started with what is currently on hand yet are still awaiting the corrected arrival of one more design (Juniper bunny rainbow ombre bow).  The are anticipated to arrive by end of THIS WEEK.  Any orders containing this washi tape will be processed once the replacement washi arrives. ALL orders are anticipated to complete processing by end of month pending the receipt of washi.    Thank you for your patience!  

ALL NON Presale orders currently have a processing time of approximately 1-2 weeks.  

My team will continue to work customer service emails -- turnaround time for emails is at 1-5 business days.  Please visit "Contact us" for details on our customer care. 



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